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Sausages in Berlin

Sausages in Berlin

February 21, 2017    

Before diving into food, I want to first share some really interesting German idioms on sausages. Literally “food for thought”, right?

Das ist mir alles Wurst! (This is all sausages to me!)
meaning: “This is all the same to me” or “I don’t care”.

Es geht um die Wurst! (It’s all about the sausage!)
meaning: “This is the time, now or nothing!”

I learned these a while ago from one of my favourate YouTubers rewboss who is a Brit who lives in Germany. In fact, along with some other channels, YouTube might be my most significant source of information on everything interesting related to German and Germany.

Now, it’s literally all about the sausages!

The most common sausages I found in Berlin are Currywurst and Bratwurst. Before coming to Germany, I thought Currywurst is a sausage with curry sauce filled inside, but it’s not. It’s a “regular” sausage cut up into pieces, and then topped with ketchup and curry powder. Some vendors just use normal ketchup, while others may add finely chopped onions and other ingredients and spices to make their own tomato sauce. Bratwurst is a whole fried sausage that’s wrapped inside a small bread like a hog dog. It’s much longer than a hot dog, and is much more flavourful.

Sausages are everywhere, but the two most famous stands are called “Curry 36” and “Konnopke’s Imbiß”.



Personally, Konnopke’s Imbiß really stands out from other named and no-name stands. Street food Currywurst don’t really differ much from one to another, but this particular vendor has some really special secret to sausage skin preparation. Normally you would have a choice whether you want to keep the skin, and if it has been fried for too long, the skin could be too tough to be enjoyable. The sausage skin at Konnopke’s Imbiß is like paper, they are super thin and super crispy. It’s not crispy as in crispy bacon which is a result of frying, but instead it’s pretty dry (in a good way) just like a sheet of newspaper.


And like any Bratwurst, the sausage is twice as long as the bread. It’s a must try!