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February 20, 2017    

Before coming to Germany, the GER 212 class spent weeks on the topic Döner. We read articles, did exercices, watched a movie about a Döner family restaurant called Kebab Connection, and even wrote a 600 word essay. Can you believe I actually did all of these with good marks without even knowing what a Döner really is?

Now I do. This is Döner.


More accurately, this is supposedly the best Döner in Berlin. The place is called Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap, and their Döner is undoubtedly THE best street food I’ve ever put in my mouth.

How good was it really, you ask? I was only in Berlin for 8 days, but I visited once, twice, thrice. I lined up for a full hour for the first time, and about 40 minutes in the later two visits at 8 o’clock in the evening and drizzling. Here is a video that might give you an idea of how popular this place is:

Before coming to Berlin, I thought this is just some shawarma stuffed inside a flat bread. Oh my god I was so wrong. This is 10 times better than the shawarma on King/University in Waterloo (which is already pretty good), because both their vegetables and chicken are freshly grilled and super flavourful. Even the potatoes inside give it an interesting texture, which contrasts with the super crispy bread nicely. The bread almost tastes like a combination of freshly baked garlic bread and English biscuit, but on the outside it’s more crispy and even a little bit flaky, and the inside is soft so that the whole bread isn’t hard to bite and chew. And the chicken! I witnessed this humongous Dönerfleisch grilling right in front of my eyes from raw to perfection. It was worth the extra 20-minute wait and was interesting to see how it cooks.


The Döner is so huge that you simply can’t eat it politely. I wasn’t sure how to eat it at first, and I ended up having it all over my face. It was a fragrant and joyful experience though!

Whenever I visit Berlin again, Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap is for sure on the top of my list.